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For after hours emergencies, call the 404 Veterinary Emergency Hospital (open 24/7) at

Covid-19 Impact on Veterinary Care

Notice From Dr. Mehi

Among veterinarians, housecall veterinarians are at the highest risk of person-to-person transmission of the virus. There is also some evidence that cats and dogs can be a source of transmission if a pet owner has been infected with Covid-19.

Therefore, the following protocols will be in effect for housecalls:

Before I come to your house you must disclose if anyone in the household has tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 14 days.

I will be wearing a mask, coveralls or labcoat, and gloves, as will my assistant Lindsay.

Any examinations or procedures should take place either in the largest room possible, or in a garage, or outdoors (weather permitting).

I need a clear area about 3 foot x 4 foot items so I can lay down a plastic sheet to protect my bags. This can be a countertop or a couch etc.

Only 1 family member may be present in the immediate vicinity during an examination.

Children and elderly family members or those with underlying health problems should stay in another area of the house. An exception will be made for in-home euthanasia: more family members may be present so long as masks are worn and we are in the largest area possible.

If someone in the household is required to restrain a pet for a procedure, that person must be wearing a mask, as we cannot maintain 2 metres of physical distancing.

If we need to examine a pet in a smaller room, e.g. a bathroom, then a mask must be worn by the family member if restraining the pet.

I am looking forward to seeing all of you and your pets. Stay well!

For after hours emergencies
Please call the 404 Veterinary Emergency Hospital at 905-953-1933. They are open 24/7.

Winter presents hazards for pets

Tips to help keep your pets safe in the cold weather

Keep your pets warm. If itís too cold for you to stay outside, itís too cold for your pet. 

Dress for the weather. Booties and jackets or sweaters help keep your pets warm when you head outdoors. Booties protect paws from the cold and from salt and ice melt which can burn and irritate, and can be fatal if ingested. Wipe your petís paws and underside after being outside.

Avoid winter puddles. They may contain ethylene glycol found in antifreeze which can be fatal if ingested.

Stay away from bodies of water. With melting ice and rising water levels, lakes and streams can be extremely dangerous for you and your pet.

Never leave your pet alone in a cold car. Like your frig, cars hold in the cold, enough to cause your pet to freeze to death.

Bang on the hood of your car before starting the engine. Cats are known to seek warmth under the hood and can be seriously injured or killed by the fan belt.

Donít let your dog off leash, especially during a snowstorm. They can easily lose their scent and get lost.  

Give your pet a warm place to sleep. Ensure your pet has a thick cozy bed or blanket away from any drafts and off the cold floor.

Prepare an emergency pet survival kit in case winter storms keep you in the  house for extended periods. 

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